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Gapps AoCP 5.7 AoCP 5.8

We Are Proud To Introduce Our Latest Efforts.

AoCP 5

Its a new source that we have put together based from CM.
And we have thrown in our own modifications.
It is Android Open Collective Project.

Its the First of many for many.

We would like to thank:
Google for the base
-> CyanogenMod, all other Android open source project teams
for all the time, and efforts into showing us the way.
And lets not forget the work on the lovely mods included here.
Without you, our eyes would still be closed.

This is Android 4.2.2
This is compiled from source.
It is for Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100G)


  • Based on CM 10.1
  • AoCP launcher - Aspire Launcher
  • AoCP themed
  • Theme engine support
  • Flipping tiles in notification drawer
  • Pie controls
  • Customisable UI items
  • Prop modder
  • Quiet Time
  • AoCP live wallpaper
  • AoCP wallpaper gallery
  • Stock CM kernel
  • SuperSU by Chainfire
  • Most of CM features
  • Discover yourself!

Known Bugs

  • Shows 4G icon regardless of mobile connection type


Changelog 5.8:
Smart Capture (thanks to Slim Roms)
Camera-Added Hands free Capture Modes
Updated bluetooth
Updated phone and telephony
Updated MMS
Icon pack added
Options for CRT animations! (Disable or choose portrait/vertical/auto rotate CRT animations)

Changelog 5.7:
Added option to save to external storage in camera
Mms recipient selector option
Newly themed Mms
Update Android keyboard dictionaries
Autobrightness levels adjusted
Stylus gestuers added
Added call block black list

Changelog 5.6:
Added pie controls
Miscellaneous CM updates
Fixed camera A/V sync
Messaging app updates
Framework updates
Added option for noise suppression

Changelog 5.3:
Added circle battery user select color
Added center clock
Added user select clock color
Added built in weather
Added dashclock
Added user select custom notification drawer background* 
Added Aspire launcher
New theme support modifications 
Improvements closing null pointer exception faults

*Only on some Rom's (may not be on 5.3 at this time)

How to Install

  1. Factory reset
  2. Install zip from sdcard
  3. Flash Gapps
  4. Reboot
  5. Enjoy while resisting the urge to fist pump like an idiot!

Note: Updates are usually no wipes…just flash the new zip+ gapps over the current verison…HOWEVER, no promises, you might need to wipe data if bootloop occurs…

Thank you and enjoy our work.

View Sources in Github

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09 June 2013